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Terms and Conditions


  • If a class is cancelled due to circumstances beyond the control of Salomé Lenormand, we are not responsible for any costs, damages or expenses that you may suffer/incur.

  • When participating in our class or event, whereby the participant will be in the presence of or using sharp or potentially dangerous kitchen utensils and appliances, the participant releases, indemnifies and excludes Salomé Lenormand, and its contractors and employees from any and all liability of any kind for any damage or injury incurred while attending events or classes organised by Salomé Lenormand. The participant understands these terms and conditions and accepts the inherent risks of a kitchen environment when they make a full payment for a class or event.

  • Salomé Lenormand will take all necessary care, but accepts no responsibility for the damage to or loss of property left in the venue prior to, during or after a class or event.

  • The participant may be held financially responsible for any damage caused by him/her to Salomé's property and/or the vendor's property during the class or event.



  • The privacy of our readers and customers is very important to us. Salomé Lenormand does not share personal information with third parties.

  • By booking a class or event, you are agreeing to let us contact you via e-mail and/or phone in regards to your booking.

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