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Tarte rustique with fresh basil and lavender leaves


Tarte rustique with fresh basil and lavender leaves

How to make

- Slice the peaches and nectarines and put it in a bowl with the lime juice, zests, sugar, basil and lavander leaves to marinate.

- Meanwhile, mix all the dough ingredients together with your hand until it makes a ball without kneading to much. Leave it to rest on the fridge for about 30min.

- Preheat your oven to 180 °C.- Roll out the dough on a parchment paper, it doesn't matter if it is not perfectly round.

- Sprinkle the almond flour over the dough. Arrange the drained peaches, nectarines and fresh herbs leaving about 2 inches all around.

- Fold the edges over fruits, glaze the folded edges of dough with the wisked egg + sugar.

- Bake the "Tarte rustique" for about 30-35 minutes or until golden brown.

- Serve warm or cold with some whipped cream or vanilla ice cream it's the best




For the dough:
250g flour
30g almond flour
150g salty butter
60g sugar
1 large egg yolk (or 2 small)

For the glazing:
1 wisked egg
some vanilla sugar

For the filling:
2 white peaches
1 yellow nectarine
the juice of 1 lime + zests
1 tbsp of cane sugar
fresh leaves of basil and lavender
3 tbsp of ground almond (almond flour)

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