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Rainbow Cauliflower Salad


Rainbow Cauliflower Salad

How to make

Cut a whole cauliflower into florets and massage in with your hands with some olive oil, ground turmeric, salt and black pepper. 

Cook the cauliflower on an oven tray at 180 degrees C for about 25min or until tender but still a bit crunchy.

 Cook some black lentils (I use the Beluga lentils, they are so tasty) in boiling water for about 25-30min, then rince them in some cold water to stop them from cooking. 

Now you can assemble your salad. I also add some medjool dates, radish and red onions pickles, roasted hazelnuts and fresh green leaves.

Drizzle with some olive oil, fresh lemon juice, salt and pepper and ENJOY !

4 Persons


Turmeric roasted cauliflower deliciousness ! 

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