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No-bake chocolate & coconut bars


No-bake chocolate & coconut bars

How to make

Isn't chocolat and coconut the best combo ever? That's what I think anyway 😋 Today , I'm sharing with you this raw chocolate & coconut slices recipe. I've tried this recipe so many times with so many variations, and I've finally found the perfect one. Not too sweet, perfectly creamy and with the smoky taste of roasted almonds... I also put some Tonka beans, this secret ingredient that really brings a special flavor in this raw cake. So here it goes 

 Method : In a food processor blend the shredded coconut until it has a flour consistency, then add the remaining cream ingredients (except the roasted almonds) and blend until smooth. Then add the almonds at the end without blending them. Line a 20x26 baking tray with some parchment paper and pour the mixture nice and flat inside. Place in the freezer to firm up for about 30 minutes. At this time, you can prepare the chocolate coating by mixing all the ingredients together in a food processor and divide the mixture in two. Once the cream has firmed up, pour the first half of the coating on the top to cover the coconut cream layer and put back in the freezer for another 20 minutes. Then, to coat the other side, carefully flip the cake so the chocolate is at the bottom of the baking tray and the coconut cream at the top and pour the remaining half of the chocolate. This is the third and last layer. Put everything back in the freezer one last time for 20min. And it's done ! 🤗 You can now cut this decadent goodness into squares or bars, as you prefer. I know it seems a bit long, but it's actually very easy to make. You just need to wait in-between layers so it can firm well, that's it :-) I hope you'll love it as much as I do, and let me know how it goes for you guys ! 😊


Cream :

  •  200g shredded coconut 

  • 170g coconut cream 

  • 30g maple syrup

  •  20g coconut oil

  •  50g roasted almond crushed in pieces

  •  1 pinch of salt

  •  1/2 Tonka bean grated (or 1 pinch) 

Chocolate coating :

  • 35g cacao powder 

  • 90g coconut cream 

  • 70g coconut oil

  •  30g maple syrup

  •  1 pinch of salt

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